This extension allows you to get, set and clear all cookies in a Web Viewer within your app.


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Clears all cookies from the current app context. This method is backwards compatible with Android versions prior to API level 21(Android Lollypop) however the callback “CookiesRemoved” will not fire on earlier versions.

Returns Nothing


Returns true if there are cookies in the current context, returns false if there are no cookies set.

Returns Boolean(True or False)


Returns a String with the cookies from the specified URL, if there are no cookies this method returns an empty string.

Returns String


Sets a cookie for the specified URL in the current context.

Returns Nothing



This event fires when cookies have been removed from the current context. Note this event will not fire for versions of Android prior to API level 21(Android Lollipop). The boolean value isCookiesRemoved relates to whether cookies were removed, if there are no cookies set this returns false.


This event fires when a cookie has been set, the boolean value isCookieSet relates to whether the cookie was set successfully.


Example App

This sample code shows how easy it is to get, set and clear cookies in your app.

Sample Code

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