The Vibrate Extension adds some more functionality to the current vibrate method built-in to Thunkable’s sound component.


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This block is used to detect whether the device has a vibrator. This block returns “true” if the device has a vibrator and is capable of vibrating. Otherwise, it returns “false”.


This block is used to activate the vibration. It is measured in miliseconds, this means that putting the number “1000” will make the device vibrate for 1 second.


If, for whatever reason, you need to stop the device from vibrating, use this method. An example for using this block would be: you click a button and the device vibrates for 10 seconds, after 5 seconds you decide you want to stop the vibration, to stop it, you simply call this block.


This block allows you to create vibrations in a pattern.

  • Vibrate - is how long you want it to vibrate for (in miliseconds).
  • Delay - works in conjunction with the ‘repeat’ property, it specifies the time delay before repeating the vibration.
  • Repeat - property can be set to “true” or “false”.


Used to detect when the ‘CancelVibrate’ block is used.

Error Occurred

If an error occurs when using the extension in an app, the blocks inside this event will be called.

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