Developed by Helios, this extension allows you to show progress bars, radio list pickers, checkboxes, and more in a dialog box.


Extension Developer Helios
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License CC BY 4.0

Thunkable Community

If you have any questions about this extension then head on over to the Thunkable Community where you’ll find lots of amazing people who are happy to help you out.


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The “LightTheme” block is used to change the background colour of the dialog. This block is used in conjunction with the “True” and “False” blocks.

Here are some examples of this block: DarkThemeBlock DarkThemeDialog
LightThemeBlock LightThemeDialog


ShowToastBlock ShowToastMessage


ShowSpinningProgressBlock ShowSpinningProgress

Dismiss Progress Dialogs

This block is used to close the “ShowSpinningProgress” dialog, if the “dismissable” property is set to false. DismissProgressDialog

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